We’re not in Cubeville anymore…

So we took  a trip to the Air Combat Zone where Ole (“Smalls”) n’ Young (“Ace”) had the opportunity to experience a flight simulator. Flight Commander Wick was on hand to train and assist in the battle that ensued. Although I didn’t engage in fight, or flight, I took the opportunity to sit in the pilot’s seat. Talk about a confined space!

Hornet Flight Simulator All around are buttons, switches and screens, radars – plain old gadgetry.

The air craft simulator- modelled after a Hornet, is loaded with six missiles and 568 bullets for gun defences. The tracking systems can detect the enemy within 200 miles and close a distance of 80 miles within two minutes. Firing range is within six miles.

The experience is a simulation only of air-to-air combat only, but boy, did I find it intense. There is so much going on in that 2×3 space that loss of focus will have you falling from the sky because you lacked speed. Smalls ran into this a few times. Not only do you have to watch your speed, there’s the altitude issue, the enemy tracking radar, weapons initiated and controlling the craft to a position where you can engage. And suddenly there’s a staccato tone indicating the enemy has locked weaponry on your craft and then the steady tone alarm announcing missile(s) have been fired!

Get me back to the 4×6 – there’s no place like home!

Flight simulation with Flight Commander Wick

It was a close fight but Ace came out ahead in this one. Even managed to land the plane after being shot.

Smalls, Flight Commander Wick and Ace

Thanks to Flight Commander Wick for the experience.


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