From the Commuter Files

I currently travel in the lap of luxury – Go Train. Having attempted the rush hour commute via TTC several times in the last few months, I really don’t ever want to go back to “The Better Way”.

On a good day, from door to the 4×6 (including a morning beverage) my commute is just under an hour. Traditionally, I would ride my bike to the Go Train Station. Last year my bike hibernation began only in February. This past winter (that wasn’t) would’ve normally had me riding the season through but my recent membership into the realm of ‘Fitbitters’ had me make my way by foot more often than by bike. I had to win those ‘Work Week Hustles’ with the colleagues. However, last week’s cool temperatures and rain in the forecast had the bike sitting comfortably in the garage. 

I’ve never really stopped to take in the sights during my trudge to the 4×6. I thought a week of commuting stories may spark some interesting pics.

Monday’s blue

Monday Commute

Word spreading across platform of a truck accident impacting train schedules. Cancellation had the platform busier than normal. Rain had ‘huts’ packed and steaming. Ran into a neighbourhood/commuter friend. We normally don’t travel on the same train anymore so run-ins are infrequent.

Topic of discussion: hair-scapades! We both sport a short cut. ‘Wanda’ had been going to a local barber but after several compliments on my ‘do, I had recommended my stylist, very local to us, affordable and very trendy. Shortly after the reco, my stylist has up and moved. Ten plus years and I’m on the hunt for a new stylist! Two dud cuts/stylists later, I think I may have found one I can settle on. Wanda is back to her barber.

Tuesday Commute

Tuesday’s grey

Missed my regular train, so already a slow start to this dull and dreary Day 2. On top of that, additional delays had me walking into the office much later than usual. My attempt at a discreet entrance failed. Boss noticed – although, he actually looked happy to see me.


And Wednesday too

Wednesday CommuteWorking from home!!! Don’t have to make my way on foot/bike/car to the station, pay a fare or join the herds making the slow trudge through the PATH from Union Station. Normally, I’d walk Young to school but it is March Break – I don’t even have to change out of my PJs! Well, okay, I commuted to the corner to pick up my ‘cup of joe’. Made it back before any drops fell.

Thursday Commute

Thursday – what’s that I see? Light

Made my way on foot to the station. What a difference to the beginning of the week. Hints of sunlight as dawn breaks.

Thursday Commute


No rain, no signal issues, no delays.





Friday – I’m in love

Back in the lap of luxury on the Go. More hints of sun today. What’s really better than a Friday?

Friday Commute

Several years ago I attempted the commute into the downtown core by car. This took place after my return to work from a maternity leave. It lasted three days. The car commute saved me about five minutes but the stress was too much – on the road, bumper to bumper traffic, the honking, those drivers who insist on inching forward only to block the intersection. It wasn’t worth it to me. I will travel by public transit happily with my book (now via my smart phone app) and unwind a bit after the work work before the home work begins.

What’s your commute story?

Source: The Cure, “Friday I’m in love”



  1. You should come see my wife, she’s a hair stylist in Bloor West Village 🙂 I used to commute to Scarborough from the west end on the TTC. An easy hour and a half each way with the obvious delays…. not fun.


    1. BWV is not too far from me and I could make a day of strolling the village!


  2. My husband travelled to Toronto daily for the past 15 years, I’ve known him. No complaint, the GO is definitely the ultimate mode of transportation. I guess I should be lucky working close to where I live.


    1. I envy you for your short commute!


  3. jmacindoe · · Reply

    Good luck with those ‘Work Week Hustles!’ I find that’s usually (sadly) the first thing I cut when my week starts to get busy.


    1. I actually won a few but haven’t been invited back. That’s my competitive nature.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. As a regular on the “Better Way” I can relate/commiserate. The French have an expression that says it all: “boulot, metro, dodo”, which describes the “joys” of commuting.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. […] can be a torment sometimes. Well, maybe a little exaggeration on my part. Nothing compared to my fellow classmate that has to endure daily train ride. I should count my […]


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