Gettin’ Crazy (Creative) Busy


My days are pretty jam packed. Being employed full-time, parent (full-time too), wife, student, and a bit of a fitness fanatic – the last three could use a little more dedication -my schedule is a bit harried. Sundays are typically for errands, groceries, cleaning and cooking. Meals need to be planned prepared and cooked Sunday, so that all parties in my family of four can make their extra-curricular activities Monday to Friday.

Unfortunately, while I’m out and about and/or cooking up a storm, the remaining three members of the unit tend to find solace in the electronics or the big Sunday game. I’m of the mind that the week is such a hustle for us all that one day to relax and chill is good… even if it is not that chill for me. But that could be another blog post for another day.

I’m quite lucky that my parents, the grandparents, are around and more then happy to help out. This week, after having the kids for a few days during March Break, they were returned with enough food to cover a few meals resulting in a lazy Sunday. You wouldn’t believe what we managed to get up to. 

First, the Trailer.

Hey, who said this course wouldn’t have value? Checkout the video I created using  my newly honed video editing skills.

Several years ago, when I, my friends and family started having babies I began making knitted or crocheted gifts. I got tired of the same old store bought receiving blankets, the onesies, and hand socks. I wanted to give the babies something new and unique. Over the years I’ve made blankets, sweaters, hats and more recently stuffed animals.

My craft-skills have been passed down too! While I was busy with the Sheep, Ole has been crafting cute and cuddly creatures out of socks!


And, here’s a sneak peak at the feature!

Young spent the day filming and playing around with iMovie to come up with “Hand Shake.” Hubby even paused the game to make his acting debut. Pretty hilarious!



  1. Love the videos! Great job. Think there needs to be a sequel!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks yodan12! Kid took it pretty seriously. He’s got an investor on a second production.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Brilliant! who knows that our class can inspire some serious video editing skills, eh?


    1. Glad you enjoyed. It is amazing the wealth of knowledge we’re exposed to every Tuesday (and via these blogs)!


  3. The videos are a blast! I thoroughly enjoyed watching them.


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